Monday, January 5, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Karl still works for Deloitte and Touche CPA Firm; it is not always pleasant he says, but it’s a job – for which we are grateful, and he is busy with stake presidency responsibilities. He enjoys a good card game with friends and family.

Marrae works with the kids, and is in the R.S. and Stake Girls Camp. She is often accompanying people in music, and has participated in a 5-Piano-Team the last couple of years. It is great fun she says.

Kyle (27) is working on a PhD in Chemical Engineering and anticipating a year of research study in Chine this coming April. Kyle and Jenny’s little Eliza is 8 months old and cute as a button.

Theresa (26) works for the Church Offices in the computer department as a programmer and tester. Theresa and Dan just bought their first home in Provo and are working on making it homey and fun. Dan will begin his last class this winter. They have three Pomeranians and a cat.

Seth (24) is happy to be accepted in his computer science/animation major; he is now working on projects of the BYU Animation department. He works hard to keep up, but enjoys taking his time to do things well.

Skyler (22) has just been accepted this week, as a film major at BYU.. He works for BYU Independent Study and often volunteers on shoots for them. He was currently the location finder on a recent film for Senior Project/Special Projects and will continue in editing it.

Karrae (20) is enjoying her Linguistics major with sign language and an editing minor. She is having many life experiences, some she enjoys and some she doesn’t.

Todd (18) is studying computer science and preparing for a mission in June. He roomed with a freshman group this year to get the freshman experience he didn’t get last year in an older ward with his brothers. Todd got his Eagle Scout Award; we all sang “Behold a Royal Army” at his Court of Honor.

Kyle & Jenny and grandbaby Eliza, Theresa and Dan, Seth, Skyler, Karrae, and Todd are all in Provo still going to school. Justin, Erika and Shean are at home still.

Justin (16) is in the High School Performing Choir Groups, and a community Theatre group that will perform a review show Jan 31. Justin enjoys playing tennis and volleyball for LVHS. He does well in school.

Shean (11) and Erika (13) are in the community theatre group as well and will be in the upcoming play Disney’s Aladin Jr where Erika is a main narrator and Shean is the Genie. It will be January 23. Erika is also developing her talents on flute and dancing. Erika is an eighth grader in an advanced science and math school and is currently studying geometry and physics. It is sometimes quite difficult she says. She is working on her Young Women’s Medallion in which she often challenges herself in improving her family and social and spiritual skills. They all work hard in school, but Shean turned the tables this progress report as the only one with straight A’ so far.

We did a family road trip to Disneyland in August for our reunion. It was so much fun to have a week to spend together without distractions. Everyone is healthy and strong and were thankful for out blessings. We love each of you and count you among our may blessings.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and much love from Karl, Marrae and Family

Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had a nice Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Naylor, Karrae, Todd, Seth and Skyler home from School.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Erika was Princess Arora for Halloween. She had to fix the back of her dress, as it was too small to zip. No problem, she discovered how to lace a ribbon up the back to accomodate the extra room needed. Viola

Shean swung from a hand bar in Margie's back yard into a brick bench. Here is the damage. It was about 1 1/2" high from his leg. Much more nastier in person. It is still the same color plus a few, and is now, after a week beginning to go down in size. There is still a hard bumb in the center area.